Oberammergau and Linderhof Castle Tour

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Witness two of the most precious gems of Bavaria on your Oberammergau and Linderhof Castle Tour. Take pleasure on this late-departure full day tour from Munich and see the beautiful stone castles that stood the test of time way back medieval days.

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Oberammergau and Linderhof Castle Tour Highlights

  • A full day tour from Munich to Linderhof Castle and Oberammergau
  • A fun-filled 2 hour visit to King Ludwig's Linderhof hunting lodge
  • Comprehensive stay at Linderhof's grotto and the Moorish pavilion
  • Visit numerous attractions and shop in Oberammergau, well-known spot for the Passion Play
  • Expert guide

About Oberammergau and Linderhof Castle Tour

Out of three Royal Castles, the Linderhof Castle which was built by King Ludwig II at some point in the 19th century as a hunting lodge is the smallest of all. The castle was designed based from the style of French Rococo. The castle also has an incredible grotto and Moorish pavilion which you are entitled to see in your 2-hour of Oberammergau and Linderhof Castle Tour.

After your stop at the Linderhof Castle, you will travel again to visit Oberammergau. The traditional city of Germany is popular for its woodcarvers, luxuriously tinted houses (Luftl-paintings) and Passion Play. Because of the Thirty Years War, lots of sufferings and death from plague happened that’s why the people of Oberammergau promised to carry out the “Play of the Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ” every 10 years. This tradition is still being followed and the next Passion Play is scheduled on 2020.

Before you leave Oberammergau and go back to Munich, you will be given enough time for sightseeing and shopping so make the most out of your stay here.

Tour Location: Munich, Germany
Tour Duration: 8 hours (approximately)

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Passion Play Theater (Image Creditroblisameehan)

Oberammergau, Germany (Image Credit: carolynconner)

Linderhof, Germany (Image Credit: faithx5)

Schloss Linderhof, Germany (Image Credit: melalouise)