Honolulu Power Pass

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The Honolulu Power Pass will allow you to see numerous attractions and entertainment without spending much on them. For a very affordable price, you can have free admission to the most beautiful attractions in town – with a collective rate of more than $500USD in admission fees. Since there are many beautiful attractions that are covered by your Honolulu Power Pass, you’ll be skipping the lines to save your precious time and only experience real fun.

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Honolulu Power Pass Highlights

  • Honolulu Power Pass that’s good for 5 days stay
  • Free admission to over 30 popular attractions of Oahu
  • Save time by skipping the lines
  • Enjoy shopping and eating in restaurants with discounts and coupons
  • Colored guidebook complete with maps, directions and attraction details for free
  • Your choice of one, two, three and five day passes
  • Great deal for money and vacation

About Honolulu Power Pass

Since we follow a “Fast Tracking” procedure, you don’t have to wait in long lines in most of the attractions in Oahu. This Honolulu Power Pass also includes extra discounts and special promos at fine retail shops, restaurants and other fun-filled activities. A very inviting guide is also provided with maps, travel instructions, site descriptions and operating hours.

How it Works:

You can avail Honolulu Power Pass for one, two, three or five days and will be valid for consecutive days only. You will need to present your Honolulu Power Pass at each ticket window of the attraction site you’ll be visiting. You are allowed to visit once per day each participating attraction and once you visit your first location, your Honolulu Power Pass is automatically activated.

Tour Location: Oahu, Hawaii
Tour Duration: 1, 2, 3 or 5 days

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Cheetah at Honolulu Zoo (Image Credit: jdnx)

Sea Life Park penguins (Image Credit: Simon_sees)

Kualoa Ranch (Image Credit: Anosmia)

Honolulu Academy of Arts (Image Credit: www.bluewaikiki.com)