Germany Culture

Get to Know About Germany Culture…

Germany has one of the most unique cultures in Europe, whether in terms of eating, tipping or other aspects of life.

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Generally, Germans are known as the masters of planning. Most Germans are forward thinkers who are aware of their actions even at a specific time on a specific day. Regardless of business or personal life, they are careful planners who provide themselves personal security. They adhere to important rules and regulations in order to realize expectations and plan their life accordingly. Germans also believe that work and personal lives should each have their own time.

Besides being forward thinking, Germans also take great pride in and treasure their homes. They keep their homes neat and organized at all times. Only close friends and relatives are invited to homes and they must always maintain the cleanliness of the house as well.

With regards to dining habits, the Germans place great importance on their meals. As early risers, they usually have a light breakfast first, before a second breakfast at 10 a.m. Breakfast usually consists of butter rolls, sandwiches and coffee with milk. During midday, they indulge in a feast for lunch. Lunch often comprises of a soup, meat and vegetables (eintopf), as well as a dessert (susspeisen). In the late afternoon, sausages and beer may be served, while the final meal is served at 7.30 p.m. In Germany, the most common toast with wine is ‘Zum Wohl!’ and that with beer is ‘Prost!’, both meaning ‘good health’.

Tipping wise, a rule of thumb is to add 5-10%, generally ending with a full Euro amount, to the total bill. Although Service and Value Added Tax are┬áincluded in the menu price in all restaurants in Germany, it is still common to “round up” the amount to a round figure.

Germany, despite producing 30 million tons of garbage annually, has been very successful in its recycling efforts. Recycling is highly encouraged in the country, as recycling bins that separate different materials can be found in almost every neighborhood. A practical feature of the waste disposal system in most German cities is the Recyclinghof. This is an area where trash can be deposited into containers for things such as furniture, paper, batteries, plastic bottles, cans, glass, wood and other waste products.

As long as visitors are familiar with the German culture and way of living, a trip there will certainly be an unforgettable experience.