Food in Kauai Hawaii

Food to Try in Kauai Hawaii…

“Ono!” That means delicious in Hawaiian. Indeed, the food in Kauai is delectable and sure to satisfy any hungry stomach. The island is not only dotted with restaurants that serve traditional and local cuisine, but also other cafes and speciality food outlets selling international delicacies.

Poi (taro paste), tako poke (octopus and seaweed dish), lomi lomi salmon (tomato and raw salmon salad) and haupia (coconut custard pudding) are some of the most famous Hawaiian dishes that can be found in Kauai. Besides these popular delicacies, you can find many other interesting and tasty foods around Kauai.

On the eastern side of Kauai, you can dine at Duane’s Ono Char-Burger where you can savour a dozen different styles of burger. There is vegetable burger, fish and chicken sandwiches. A great local café to have a cuppa is Small Town Coffee Co., where fantastic coffee and pastries are served. If you’re a vegetarian, look no further than Blossoming Lotus, a vegan restaurant with excellent dishes from Asian, European and American cuisine.

At the south shore and western region of Kauai, look for Hanapepe Café where vegetarian and fish dishes such as vegetable focaccia and garden burgers can be savoured. Hawaii is also well-known for its fresh seafood, and there’s no better place to get your fix than Roy’s Po`ipu Bar & Grill. Besides fish and seafood, their specialty is the signature chocolate soufflé dessert.

If you’re at the north of Kauai, you may find Polynesia Café’s wide variety of salads, burgers, meat dishes, and fresh local ice cream tantalizing. Wherever you go in Kauai, it is common to find stalls selling bento boxes, with ready-to-eat food for eating on the go. Therefore, dining in Kauai is not only enjoyable, but also convenient. From American, Mexican and Italian cuisine to Japanese and Chinese food, you will definitely find something to suit your palate in Kauai. Enjoy!