Big Island Hawaii Weather

Big Island Hawaii Weather…

On Big Island, you can walk in snow and swim in the ocean on the very same day! The Big Island of Hawaii has a diverse climate, depending on the island location. At the northwest where Kohala and Kona are located, there is plenty of sunshine and hardly any rain. In contrast, Hilo on the eastern side tends to have higher rainfall throughout the year. One year recently, Hilo had a record 211 inches of rainfall. This is because of the prevailing trade winds that carry rain clouds to the region.

With an average temperature of 21.6 to 25 degree Celsius, the Big Island offers a relatively fine weather for all visitors. However, temperatures may plunge below freezing as you ascend the mountains. It is not uncommon to experience snow atop Mauna Kea in winter. Therefore, it is essential to bring layers if you plan to do some volcano hiking.

Like other islands in Hawaii, Big Island experiences only summer and winter. Winter months tend to last from November to April, and are a bit cooler with more frequent rainfall. The summer months are from May to October, with June and July being the driest and sunniest. It is hard to differentiate the two because the weather does not fluctuate much in Hawaii. Temperatures difference from winter to summer on the Big Island is only about 4 to 7 degrees.

This consistency in weather makes the Big Island an ideal place to visit throughout the year. Even so, there are often crowds of beach goers and tourists on the Big Island. You may prefer to travel during off-seasons, which are from mid-April to mid-June and September to mid-December. During these periods, hotel accommodation tends to be cheaper and more attractive tour packages are offered.

In conclusion, if you prefer to enjoy breezier weather, head for the eastern and northern sides of the Big Island of Hawaii where coastal winds bring more moisture and humidity in the air. If you like dry weather, stay on the western and southern sides on the Big Island. That said, wherever you are, you will never be far from breathtaking coastal landscapes, so enjoy your trip to Hawaii!